Our Big Heguru Team

Heguru is an effective early childhood education method that has been studied and developed by Hirotada and Ruiko Henmi for more than 30 years. While conventional educational methods mainly focus on “how instructors teach children”, the Heguru method focuses on “how to grow the children’s ability to acquire education”. 
At Heguru, we established a method that enhances children’s fundamental abilities from the periods of pre-natal and infancy. However, the Heguru method is more than a simple early childhood education. We also focus on fostering the “good hearts” of children, so that when they grow up, they are able to make meaningful contributions to society. 
It has been widely recognized that children benefit from early education.  Additionally,  to increase the level of effectiveness for childhood learning, “right brain development” is the key to success. Training the “right brain” from infancy will allow children to enhance their various fundamental abilities on their own pace without hassle. Heguru has evolved this “right brain development".
Our instructors went through rigorous training in Japan, under the guidance and leadership of Heguru founders Mr. and Mrs. Henmi. We support and understand the method and philosophy that was developed in HEGL (Henmi Education General Laboratory) HQ. Training does not stop after our teachers are granted their certificates to teach at different level. However, we constantly seek improvement in ourselves and strive to bring the best in every child.