Parents Testimonials

- Michelle (Joen's Mum)
Joen has benefited a lot from Heguru programme. He joined at 6 months old and we have seen him develop tremendously in terms of his ability to express himself and to communicate with others. We have noticed that he has since built a strong foundation in vocabulary when he goes through the activities and has learnt much in focusing during lessons. Thank you HEGURU. Thumbs up!
- Ruby (Agnes Mum)
Agnes seems confident and positive. She has a very good memory and can sing various songs in full. She is familiar with A - Z at 2 years old. Teachers at her child care also give many positive feedback of her progress.
- Nachammai (Aksharaa's Mummy)
Before attending HEGL, Aksharaa was very shy. Now she is able to express more and her speaking of English is also very good. Initially, she was not able to remember things like colors and alphabets that well . Now, I find her more enthusiastic in learning. Her attention span has also increased. Thanks Teacher Marcus and the whole team for being so encouraging and approachable!
- Nyein (Lucas' Mummy)
Lucas has joined this program when he was 2 years old and till now he has benefitted much from it. He became more confident. He enjoys learning. He memorize things very fast and remembers what he had learnt. He looks forward to coming to Heguru@Sembawang every week and he loves his teachers a lot. Thank you so much for all your love and affection for Lucas.
-Jessilyn (Kesler's mummy)
I saw the improvement in speech for Kesler one month after the programme. He shows confidence when speaking and the ability to respond fast when we asked him questions. Would definitely recommend this programme to our friends around and continue with it until Kesler reaches primary school.
-Asmawati Bte Abdullah (Akhil's mummy)
Akhil's attention span has improved since he joined Heguru. With much encouragement from his teachers, Linda and Marcus, Akhil has gained more confidence and has learned to be more independent. He enjoys the classes and talks about how much fun he has doing the activities on his own. Thank you, Heguru teachers, for being part of Akhil's cognitive development. I deeply appreciate the teacher's dedication and belief in him.
-Nadhirah Hamzah (Ayesha's mummy)
Enrolling Ayesha into Heguru was undeniably the first right step my husband and I took to start our daughter's learning journey. The teaching staff at Heguru@Sembawang always welcome us with smiles and make the environment fun and conducive for learning. Their excitement while teaching is so high that even I naturally gets excited in class as well; singing and dancing away. After attending Heguru, it is visible that Ayesha is quick at grasping knowledge and concepts. Despite being such a cheeky little girl, she surprises us by being able to identify numbers, alphabets and shapes at such an early age. Ayesha is beginning to be able to know color mixes as well. We feel that Heguru played a huge part in Ayesha's brain development and we are glad that we took that first step. Thank you Heguru@Sembawang team!
-Feron (Danson's mommy)
I am really happy that my son, DANSON is starting to enjoy his classes. Teacher Jess says there is a huge difference from the first few lessons. Danson is swaying along to the music and songs, laughing, screaming with joy and clapping excitedly. He is totally immersed in the activities and environment. He is able to pick up 10 new words in just 5 days. I wanted him to focus and benefit from speed flashing to open up his right brain. I am beginning to see results. Actually I am quite surprised that Heguru is not just about flashing cards. They do story telling, singing, exercising, dancing, geography, history, maths, telepathy, dots counting, mandara, iroita, chinese, colouring, memory games and lots of hands-on activities. It is an all rounded program and most importantly, my kid is enjoying the lessons.
-Joanne Lee (Kaius' Mommy)
KAIUS has been attending classes at Heguru@Sembawang ever since he was 7 months old. We have seen great improvement as he picked things up rather fast even when we only taught him once. Never regretted in choosing Heguru.
Mrs. Ng (Kerwin Ng's mommy)
KERWIN is able to understand the concept of space, colours, time etc after attending Heguru's program after just a few months. He is very interested in constellation after looking at the flashcard shown in class. He is able to name all the planets in the solar system, in sequential order. His learning speed and comprehension skills have improved tremendously and he is more expressive now. Lastly, Kerwin is very happy in Heguru because he loves the activity corner and all his teachers.