Parents Testimonials

Mr. & Mrs Kenny Goh (Kayden Goh's parents)
We were glad that we have enrolled KAYDEN at Heguru@Sembawang. Just after the first week, Kayden expressed interest in self learning and reading. He is often found flipping and reading quietly which was not the case before. We believe that the programme really helps improve his concentration ability and also his interest in reading. The staff at Heguru@Sembawang are professional, well trained and caring. We are confident that this programme will go a long way to aid Kayden as he works towards a brighter future!
Sherry Bay (Spenser Bay's mummy)
Though my child, SPENSER, has attended only three sessions, I'm beginning to see interesting effects of this programme. He is able to remember and identify nouns/things even with only one encounter and even after not seeing it for a month. I strongly believe that Heguru helps in accelerating the speed of my child's learning. Most importantly, he enjoys the classes and loves the teachers. As for myself, I sense the positive energy and motivation from the staff, which greatly encourages me to play with Spenser and guide him at home. At 27 months, he is able to sing a number of nursery rhymes by himself. Thank you and God bless.