Safety Measures

Dear Parents/ Guardians,
As we proceed on with classes together, we wish to continue to stay vigilant and remind all on the measures which are implemented:
1. Centre Management
All teachers will have their tempretures checked daily. The centre will be cleaned regularly.
2. SafeEntry
SafeEntry will be observed. Parents are to do SafeEntry on behalf of their children.
3. Tempreture-taking
Any individual with a tempreture of 37.5 or above will be sent home and are encourafed to visit their local GP. 
We strongly encourage all parents/ guardians to also perform tempreture checks at home prior to coming to the centre.
4. No Waiting
We strongly discourage parents from staying at the centre premise to wait.
5. Social Responsibility
We seek everyone's cooperation to be socially responsible and to refrain from attending class if you or your child is feeling unwell.
Any student who are unwell or show any symptoms of cought, runny nose or phlegm will be asked to go home.
We seek your understanding if our staff were tor request for you to leave should you exhibit these symptoms or are visibly unwell.
6. Safe Distancing
All students and familuy will need to maintain a minimum of 1m from others.
7.Stay Home Notice
For students who have family residing in the same household that have been issues Stay Home Notice, we ask that you refrain from attending the lesson.
8. Mask/ Face shield
Wearing masks: Parents and children 6 years and above are to wear masks to lessons.
Wearing face shield (optional): For children 6 years and below, masks are not compulsory. We recommend them to wear face shield if possible.
9. Minimise Sharing
Please bring your own stationary (e.g. Crayons) and/ or materials (if you have any e.g. iroita)
Thank you very much for evertone's cooperastion and support during this period. Let's continue to work towards maintaing a safe and good learning environment for our kids!